A Wonderful Legacy



By Wayne S. Walker

     While doing some random Internet surfing earlier this year, imagine my surprise when I came across the following note by Harold Savely, a gospel preacher then of Nashville, Tennessee, in The Gospel Guardian, August 2, 1956 (I was about two and a half at the time).

     Thanks to Bordeaux for time off for the Hillsboro, Ohio meeting. The church there is small (18 members), and overshadowed by digression. Our efforts resulted in one baptism and two to identify with the congregation. It was nice to be associated with faithful members there who treated me with no better hospitality to be found anywhere.

     While at Hillsboro, I had a wonderful visit in the home of Brother Glenn Workman, who recently left the Christian Church and preaches in the county. A man of no little experience, 59 years old, he gave me the following reasons as to why he left the Digressives. The Christian Church is distinguished with: (1) A diminishing authority of elders over the congregations. This is brought about by a “board of deacons and elders” jointly running affairs of the church. Since deacons are in majority, they exercise control of the churches. (2) Rise of Ladies’ Aids. He found them harder to remove, once established, than a piano. (3) Rise of entertainments and recreations palmed off as work of the church. He saw that if people had to be entertained to get, they had to be entertained to keep. (4) Rise of institutional problems within the church; such as encampments, colleges, homes, missionary societies, etc. Colleges, for instance, trains and sends out preachers in return for more funds from the churches. (5) Fruits of instrumental music always causes a warfare within. Feuds come over the size, type, cost of instrument, who shall play it, whether it is played at the Lord’s Supper, prayer, etc. Change of arguments to defend its practice led him to study to see its condemnation. (6) Leaving God’s way of raising money for every conceivable scheme, even to hiring professional outside money raising institutions to do the work for them. He lamented that the Gospel Advocate is becoming like the Christian Standard! “Non-hobbyist” brethren ought to take notice.

Hillsboro, OH, is my hometown, and Glen Workman was my grandfather who in 1956 left the Christian Church and began preaching with the Mt. Zion church of Christ located out in the countryside of Highland County, Ohio, south of Hillsboro near the town of Belfast, where he continued until his retirement in late 1973.  He lived from 1896 to 1979.

—in Search for Truth; Oct. 9, 2016; Vol. VIII, No. 10; p. 1