Why Didn’t You Go to the Meeting?

by Wayne S. Walker

     Anywhere, Anystate, USA
     To whom it may concern,
     The brethren over at Green Meadows asked me to hold a Sunday through Sunday meeting for them and I agreed. The meeting began with two fine services on Sunday. Even if I do say so myself, my sermons on faithfulness and dedication to the Lord really went well. But Monday night, one of our kids had a band concert at school and we just couldn’t miss that!
     On Tuesday night, just as I was ready to leave, some. friends dropped in. They stayed around till 8:00 and by then it was too late to make it. Then on Wednesday night we stopped by the school for the kids’ open house with plans to go on to the meeting from there. But a film was being showed that they needed to see so we decided to stay since we felt it was more important than the meeting.
     The weather finally broke Thursday and I was able to get some jobs around the lawn done. I worked so hard all day that when I came in that evening I was really tired, and oh, how my back hurt. There was no way I could make it to the meeting. (The last time this happened to me, I had the hardest time sitting through my son’s baseball game!) So we went shopping in town instead.
     I have a part-time job to help make ends meet, and Friday night the boss called for me to come in and do some extra work. Boy, you can’t turn down that overtime for anything. Saturday night, he asked me if I would make a quick trip out of town to take some papers to a branch office. He had more important things to do but, of course, I didn’t.
     Well, I was finally able to get back over to Green Meadows on Sunday morning. Do you know, those brethren had the audacity to tell me that they were not going to pay me for the meeting! Why, the very idea. I had good, valid reasons for not coming every night. By the way, why didn’t you go to the meeting?
     Bro. I.B. Lax, evangelist
     —taken from Guardian of Truth; July 19, 1984; Vol. XXVIII, No. 14; p. 438 

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