The Judge of All the Earth


by Wayne S. Walker

     "Arise, O God, judge the earth; for You shall inherit all nations" (Psalm 82:9).  Everyone knows what a judge is.  Many of us have appeared in a courtroom before a judge at one time or another, as a litigant, or a witness, or a juror (hopefully not a defendant!).  All of us have watched Perry Mason or Matlock and seen how trials are conducted before a judge, at least as envisioned by television writers.  I believe that the basic concept of judging between right and wrong is an innate ability that was give to us by our Creator, who is the ultimate Judge of all the earth, when He made us in His image.

     God has exercised many judgments in time, some recorded in Scripture, as with the nations of Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Rome, Israel, Judah, and Jerusalem, others left to our own conclusions, such as the defeat of the evil Nazi Germany in World War II.  However, not all of God’s judgments are or will be demonstrated in this life.  Yes, God ordained civil government to pronounce judgment and punishment upon the evildoer (Romans 13:1-4).  However, we all know that there are times when the wicked goes unpunished and the righteous may even be persecuted.

     Yet, there will come a day when God will express perfect and final judgment upon all the earth.  Even in the Old Testament, Solomon reminds us that "God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil" (Ecclesiastes 12:14).  And in the New Testament, the apostle Paul boldly proclaimed, "He has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness…" (Acts 17:31).  It may sound trite to some and even laughable to others, but "There’s a great day coming" for judgment, and each of us needs to be ready.


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